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We've completed thousands of repairs over the years, so we've seen some pretty common issues across instruments & bows. We recommend that you get your instrument and bow checked by a luthier every 6 months...but did you know that there are some things you could do in between maintenance visits that will keep your instrument and bow happy

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To keep your instrument and bow at its optimal performance, we recommend that you bring it in for review about every 6 months. When you visit our shop, we will review each item carefully and provide you with an estimate of cost and repair time.

Instrument maintenance & repairs

  • Glue open edges and corners
  • Eliminate Buzzes
  • Dress fingerboards
  • Lubricate pegs
  • Replace/refit tailpiece and gut
  • Add/replace tailpiece tuners
  • Clean and polishing
  • Major retouching for varnish wear
  • Straighten bridge
  • Add/replace drumskins
  • New post
  • Refit post
  • Tonal adjustments
  • New fingerboard
  • New neck
  • New pegs
  • Restore edges and dents
  • New bridge

Bow repairs

  • Bow rehairs (minimum of 2 business days)
  • New frog
  • New tip


We offer a wide range of brand name accessories, including: strings, rosin, chin rests, and more. Please call us at 312-220-9700 or visit our 1700 W. Hubbard St. location to purchase or place an order for any instrument or bow related accessory.


Appraisals (Insurance Value Determination)

Appraisals provide a statement of the insurance replacement value of an instrument or bow. Appraisal values are not market values, and cannot be used for resale purposes. 

Certification (Authenticity Review)

For three generations, the Becker family name has been synonymous with integrity regarding research and expertise. With access to extensive archival information and an enormous data base of instruments, we can confidently certify most instruments and bows. Some instruments and bows require additional research, therefore; we ask that any item brought in for certification stays with us for a minimum of 48 hours. All certificates include high quality photos of your item taken by an expert photographer.

Travel Documents

When traveling internationally with instruments and bows, it is important to make sure your items are properly documented. For example, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has extensive laws on the selling and movement of ivory across international borders. We can provide you with travel documents that include written descriptions and/or photos of instruments/bows in your possession while traveling.


We are currently accepting instruments or bows that will sell for more than $25,000.00. We guarantee that each consignment agreement will be represented with the utmost integrity in regard to both the owner and the reputation of the instrument. If you wish to pursue a consignment with us, please arrange an appointment for an evaluation of your instrument or bow.