We maintain an extensive inventory that fulfills every musician’s needs from students to professionals to collectors. Instruments range from modern day makers to classic fine Italian makers. Bows range from fine modern day American makers to fine French and English makers.

Our sales staff are accomplished performers and/or luthiers. To find the perfect instrument or bow for you, call us at 312-220-9700

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Sampling of Notable Instrument Sales

Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù
Antonio Stradivari
Carlos Bergonzi
Michael Angelo Bergonzi
Andreas Guarnerius
Petrus Guarnerius – Mantua
Pretrus Guarnerius – Venice
Joseph Filius Andreas Guarnerius
Joannes Baptista Guadagnini – Turin
Joannas Baptista Guadagnini – Parmae
Joannes Baptista Guadagnini – Milano
Francesco Ruggieri
Vincezo Ruggieri
Tommasso Balestrieri
Pietro Balestrieri
Laurentius Storioni – Violin
Laurentius Storioni – Viola
Laurentius Storioni – Cello
Enrico Ceruti – Violin
Romeo Antoniazzi – Violin
Ricardo Antoniazzi – Violin

F.X. Tourte
Dominique Peccatte
Charles Peccatte
Francois Peccatte
Nicholas Kittel
Pierre Simone
Joseph Henry
John Dodd
Nicholas Maline
Etienne Pajeot
Louis Simon Pajeot
Nicholas Lupot
Francois Nicholas Voirin
James Tubbs


Anselmo Bellosio
Deconet Michele
Francesco Gobetti
Matteo Gofriller
Dominicus Montagnana
Sanctus Seraphin
Bartholomaey Tassini – Cello
Joannes Tononi
Carl Tononi
David Tecchler – Cello
David Tecchler – Violin

Giovanni Paolo Maggini -Violin
Giovanni Paolo Maggini – Viola
Giovanni Paolo Maggini – Cello
Joannes Baptista Rogeri
Gasparo da Salo – Violin
Gasparo da Salo – Viola
Gasparo da Salo – Cello

Upgrade your instrument or bow

Guaranteed trade-ins for small-sized instruments + bows purchased from us

Trade-ins are guaranteed for small-sized instruments or bows purchased from us if  (1) they are in the same, undamaged condition as when it was purchased, and (2) the instrument/bow you are purchasing is owned by us (i.e., not on consignment with another owner).

Full-sized instruments + bows are reviewed on a case-by-case basis

We occaisionally accept trade-ins for exceptional instruments and bows. Eligibility for a full-sized trade in will be determined based on the condition of the item and the feasibility of the trade-in. Factors that can influence this can include market, whether the item is owned by us or on consignment, and trade-in owner demands.